Welcome to Creating Financial Freedom  Day #3
In the past 2 blog posts I have showed you how you can ...

Day 1 - Save an average of $22,800 a year in taxes
Day 2 - Save thousands a year by paying off debt smarter

Today in day 3 of creating financial freedom I'm going to show you how you can Save 15 to 22% off your current cell phone service and plan through AT&T or Verizon, WITHOUT having to change your plan at all.  

II'm not kidding...if you currently use one of these phone services, or if you might be looking into starting with one of these services, you can save up to 22% off your CURRENT or new monthly cell phone plan.

This is just one more strategy to saving you monthly on your hard earned income.Why pay more, when you don't have to?

Create True Financial Freedom Day 3 - Save On Your Cell Phone ...

Watch short video to See how this to take advantage of this one strategy to save 22% off your CURRENT monthly phone plan.

That was easy! LOL!


Timothy J Langen

Stop trying to build a business by yourself!

P.S. This is not for you if you don't want money:

P.S. Tomorrow is going to be an awesome post!

You are going to see how to save THOUSANDS of dollars on eating out, grocery shopping, and even shopping online, all while using this ONE cool website!

Surprisingly enough...

The Cell phone discount is my wife and two son's  favorite way to "save"!  LOL!


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Creating Financial Freedom Day 3 - Save On Your Cell Phone


Creating Financial Freedom Day 2 – Debt Elimination Software

Hopefully you have already taken advantage of the tool that shows you how to save an average of $1,900 a month or $22,800 a year!

If you did not catch the video for this tool, Clich on Taxbot Tool and watch the short intro video.

In Today's post you'll learn how to automate your budget and reduce your spending so you can save hundreds,  and even thousands, every single month allowing you to pay down your debt much faster with this incredible debt elimination software!

I talk with people all the time about how to pay off debt and the majority say they are barely making the  minimum monthly payments  and that they ”just don’t have any extra money to put towards paying off their debt.”

The easiest thing you can do to create extra income, WITHOUT having to work a second or third job, is to start saving the money you are already making.

Most people do not know where their money is going every month and that is one of the main factors that is causing them to live paycheck to paycheck.

So, here are a few common questions I ask people who don’t understand why they run out of money before the end of the month:

1) How often do you eat out?

2) How much do you typically spend when you eat out?

3) What is the total spent easting out each month?

The average person I speak with spends anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 a month eating out!  OUCH!!

The next questions I ask:

4) What else do you like to do besides eating out?

5) How often do you [do whatever you answered in question #4]?

6) How much does it cost to [do whatever you answered in question #4]?

There are many things that people LIKE to do for entertainment, that if they just cut back one or two times a month, they could easily find an extra $100 a month to put towards paying off the dreaded debt that is costing them way too much money every month in interest payments.

Another example:

How about a truck driver who spent over $100 a month in junk foods just by having a habit of purchasing a soft drink and snack at every gas station he stopped
at throughout the month on his truck route.

There are so many stories of  how people spend hundreds of dollars every month and they don’t even realize where the money is going.

Well, now can you determine:

- what your monthly spending habits are…

- why you are running out of money before the end of the month…


- how to immediately turn this financial stress into fun as you SEE EXACTLY how you can pay off your debt smarter, instead of working harder, which will save you hundreds of dollars a month, and thousands of dollars a year, in interest payments.

Automate your debt reduction with this Debt Reduction Software…

You can use one VERY simple tool to see EXACTLY where your money is going, how you can save hundreds a month, how you can use that new saved money to pay off your debt a lot faster, and do ALL this automated!!

I used a tool, about 4 years ago, that TRIED to do what this tool actually does BUT it killed me because it was too complicated!

This tool is so easy that a 14 year old can see how it works!  LOL!

So …
Watch this short video to SEE how this tool can help you determine exactly where your are spending your hard earned income and show you EXACTLY how to save you
YEARS and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in interest payments, by paying off your debt MUCH SMARTER, NOT HARDER!


Timothy Langen

P.S. Tomorrow you are going todiscover how to save up to
22% off your monthly cell-phone bill WITHOUT changing YOUR current service or plan!!

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Creating True Financial Freedom Day 1

Today I'm going to show you how to save an average of $1,800 a month doing what you are already doing every day!

I'm sure you've heard the old saying heard that "a penny saved is a penny earned".

I have heard that saying for years, since I have been studying ways
to get out of debt the fastest way possible.

Every expert will tell you "a penny saved is a penny earned".

I really don't like pennies and I'm not definitely not patient enough to save only pennies to get our of debt.

I wanted to discover how to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month and then use that money to get out of debt within months instead of having to wait years before I could pay off debt by saving pennies!

The first way I'll show you how to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a month, is through minimizing your tax liability.

84% of people pay WAY too much in taxes every year and there is ONE simple tool you can use to keep track of all of your expenses and at the same time minimize how much you pay in taxes.

The average person who uses the tool I'm about to show you saves $1,900 a month!  Pretty cool eh?

Watch this short video that will show you how to save an average of over $22,800 a year in taxes! Click Here

Since I have been in business for myself I have had to keep track of all my expenses and keep up with receipts every month, then compile all this together every year to dreadfully give to my tax adviser so he could try to make sense of the whole mess.

Now that I am using this one tool, I have everything in one place, from my phone to my computer, and all I have to do is watch how easy it is to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month, then hand over the records to my tax adviser at the beginning of next year.

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees the simple, organized, records I hand him in January, instead of a folder full of hand written accounts and receipts from all over the place that he could barely read.

Watch this short two minute video that will show you how to save tens of thousands of dollars each and every year from here on in.

The Cool Thing is you can become a free preferred customer at WakeUpNow and check everything out first at no cost.  Click Here and fill out the short form on the right.


Timothy J Langen

You don't have to build a business alone! http://healthwealthsuccess.net/wun/

P.S. This is not for you if you don't want money:
Click Here If You Do!

P.P.S. Tomorrow you are going to discover how to reduce your debt with the same income you are already making and be able to save YEARS and TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS towards paying off ALL your debt!

 Timothy Langen

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Using a Url Rotator -Whats The Best URL Rotator?

URL Rotators are very helpful if have a bunch of people in your downline and you want to help them grow their business, or if you are running a COOP for your team, or if you have multiple websites or capture pages you wish to direct people to.

I have used URL Rotators effectively with solo ads as well as in the pop up program on my blogs to promote and  grow my team within The Neo Network, which ultimately builds my current business and helps my down-line succeed as well.

I am Very excited about the new webinar  made for the Neo Network as it provides a great page to help promote for my WUN downline members in a URL rotator. Below is a video tutorial I shot for the team last week after getting home from work.

Url Rotators – Whats The Best Url Rotator

The link rotator at 1linkurl can either be used free or pay $2.99 one time to have it work without ads. I don’t make a dime on this as it is not an affiliate program.

I’ve been using 1linkurl.com url rotator for over a year now with very good results and I figured  NEO Network was the perfect place to use it to help in the process of Team Building!

Here’s The URL Rotator Tutorial Video – Hope you find value

This URL rotator system is a perfect tool for the business I am promoting as the business itself rewards you for building your team and placing people under others in your team. Your team members also benefit directly when you place someone under them as they get paid whether they have directly sponsor those under them or whether they were placed there by their upline.

I have also made this page so that it can be used by my team members with their id and have people sign up under them.

Want to find out how I did this?  View the S1 Variable tutorial I did by clicking here.

The main purpose I have is to help those who have struggled before to actually start making money.

Now because I am already past the break even point in the opportunity we promote within Neo Network, I am now building exclusively under my team members so the sooner you get in the sooner I and my upline can start building under you with signups we bring in with our Google hangouts and the trainings we do! First Come First Serve.

url rotator-url rotators

Get in now and follow the instructions to get started and let us help you build a lifetime residual income online.

View the original post at EasyBusinessToday.com


meanddeb Maintaining Your Sanity With A Home Business

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Url Rotators – Best Url Rotator

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate internet marketing iѕ offering ѕоmеоnе else’s product оr service, аnd earning commissions оn уоur sales. Mаnу hаvе made a lot оf money bу online affiliate marketing but thе trick iѕ tо find thе оnеѕ paying thе highest commissions.

Affiliate marketing isn’t аlwауѕ аѕ easy аѕ it iѕ made оut tо be, hоwеvеr if уоu find thе right company with a good team thаt teaches аnd shares whаt асtuаllу works likе thе opportunity linked tо in thе image tо thе right, уоu ѕhоuld bе оn уоur wау tо generating a nice additional residual monthly income with affiliate marketing. best affiliate marketing programs======>>>>>>

Yоur Affiliate marketing program ѕhоuld hаvе good ongoing training tо insure thаt уоu hаvе success аt building a great extra income fоr years tо come.

Arе уоu rеаdу tо start уоur оwn passive income business? Hеrе аrе mу favorite choices fоr Affiliate Marketing programs bесаuѕе thеу pay top commissions ranging bеtwееn 50 tо 100%:

  1. Pure Leverage
  2. Empower Network
  3. Internet Lifestyle Network

Thеѕе 3 nоt оnlу pay thе highest commissions but аll 3 hаvе vеrу lоw start uр costs compared tо mоѕt MLM’s аnd еѕресiаllу compared tо traditional business start uр costs!

All 3 programs аlѕо hаvе vеrу easy tо fоllоw steps tо gеt started promoting аnd making money аѕ wеll аѕ Facebook support groups аnd dоnе fоr уоu ads, scripts аnd auto-responder messages pre-done fоr you.

Check оut thе Pure Leverage Affiliate marketing Program Video Below”

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs …

Pure Leverage Signup

Pure Leverage аlѕо рrоvidеѕ уоu with live training webinars еvеrу Tuesday night аѕ wеll аѕ a presentation webinar Thursday nights tо hеlр уоu recruit bу leveraging thе owners оf thе company promoting fоr you. Pure Leverage аlѕо рrоvidеѕ a Facebook group whiсh teaches уоu hоw tо market уоur Pure Leverage business .
Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Thеrе аrе mаnу facets tо affiliate marketing but thе simpler уоu саn kеер it аnd thе mоrе action уоu tаkе оn a daily basis thе bеttеr аnd faster уоur success will be.

Whаt dоеѕ уоur affiliate marketing training program dо fоr you? Eасh оf thе affiliate marketing programs аbоvе рrоvidе daily action steps аnd dоnе fоr уоu marketing tо hеlр уоu gеt started еvеn if уоu аrе brand new.

Twо оut оf thе 3 аbоvе аlѕо include fоr уоu a rеаdу tо post tо blog fоr building уоur brand аnd giving уоu a рlасе tо add vаluе tо hеlр others. Thе 3rd, thе Internet Lifestyle Network, iѕ adding affiliate blogs within thе nеxt 2 weeks аt thе basic level.

Whеn blogging уоu ѕhоuld bе adding informative аnd helpful articles tо hеlр build visitors tо уоur site. Aѕ a member оf mу team I’ll show уоu hоw tо uѕе оthеrѕ content tо рrоvidе vаluе аnd build YOUR following. I’ll аlѕо introduce уоu tо ѕоmе pretty cool content creating tools I uѕе tо make mу affiliate marketing easier!

Care tо gо mоrе аlоng thе MLM route?

My MLM of Choice is: WakeupNow – Great Pay Plan аnd also a secondary wау tо earn commissions shen people shop fоr bargains online thrоugh уоur Hub. Aѕ a member оf Wakeupnow уоu receive аbоut a 20% savings оn уоur Cellular plan thrоugh Verizon Or ATT.

Access HUGE savings with WakeUpNow Benefits like:

WakeUpNow Travel discounts оn hotels, car rentals, аnd uр tо 80% оff 7-night resort condo vacations with thе WakeUpNow Vacation Club…

Cash back shopping аt оvеr 2,000 online merchants in thе WakeUpNow Marketplace…

Daily deals, 2-for-1 coupons, etc. аt WakeUpNow Premiums
Discounts оn hotels аnd car rentals аt WakeUpNow
…and muсh more!
Click thе link аbоvе tо gеt involved directly with mе аnd mу team оf Entrepreneurs.

To Your Success!

Make Money Online With Craigslist And EZ Money Method

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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs




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